Friday, June 05, 2015

Mixing Style With Safety: Outdoor Stairs And Handrails

As cabin builders, we know that the more time you spend down on the dock, the better.  For some of us,  that might require more than a few sets of outdoor stairs and handrails, but that doesn't mean your walk down to waterside Lake of the Woods can't be as stylish as it is safe.

When selecting your lot in the Kenora area, it's important to remember that even though a cabin with a high elevation means a bigger, better view, it also means that you should expect more of a hike down to the water. 
In the evening, even just a few steps in the dark can be hazardous, so this homeowner chose to install a lighting system into the BC log posts of their outdoor staircase. Not only are these stairs now safer, but they also add a warm, romantic atmosphere to the walk from the basement parlor or sauna to the dock.
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