Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Movin' On Up: Beautiful Custom Staircases

As Kenora builders, we know that certain parts of your dream home can be taken for granted- your staircase being chief among them. However, with the right design and an attention to detail, you can take your stairs from second thought to cabin centerpiece in no time.

When you really think about it, on those days where you've got the whole family up on Lake of the Woods, your stairs handle a lot of daily traffic- especially when the bedrooms on the top floor are so tragically separated from the basement bar, home theatre or sauna

With some spanning up to three floors, your staircase is usually one of your cabins biggest features, and in our minds, it can be one of most beautiful, too.
In order to preserve this custom staircase and protect it from damage during the construction phase, it was one of the final installations in the entire cabin. Its heavy posts and slab-like stairs tie into the aesthetic of this cottage's massive BC logs, despite the staircase containing no logs itself.
Another cool piece of design implemented into the staircase is the custom metalwork that runs throughout the rest home as well, adding to its already rugged qualities. With these unique features and a little TLC, this is definitely a staircase that's meant to be seen and appreciated.

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