Sunday, August 21, 2016

Site Planning 101: Island or Mainland

When imagining your dream cabin on Lake of the Woods, some details may seem more important than others. While being on an island or the mainland may seem less important initially, it's a complicated trade-off that requires a lot of thought.

There's something distinctly romantic about being on an island- maybe even being on your very own island. Many islands offer the tranquility and isolation that those escaping the city are looking for, and often times they are more affordable.
With that said, there's a distinct trend going towards mainland, road-accessible cabins being more desirable. While islands may take you further from the hustle and bustle, they offer additional challenges to access, upkeep, and proximity to creature comforts.

It may seem like a small thing now, but it's important to remember the additional boat ride every time you're unloading groceries, suitcases, or looking to escape cabin fever with a night in town.
Ultimately, price and preference will be the deciding factors, but both provide positives (and potential challenges) that will make your cabin unique.

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