Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Boathouse Buffer: Using Lifts To Protect Your Boats

What's the point of having toys at the cabin if you can't keep them in tiptop shape? Today we're going to talk about keeping your boats safe from the elements with simple lifts.

Whether its on cables or rails, you can rest easy anytime your boat is out of the water. By pulling your boat free and clear from inclement weather and choppy water, a boathouse lift offers a sanctuary for your most expensive investments, not to mention a premium space for safe, dry storage.
While some tools like boat whips can protect your boat in the short term, there is a limit as to just how much of a beating they can take. Clients have often complained of broken or snapped whips during especially harsh storms.

For something in the middle, a simple covered lift can offer you four season protection without needing to plunk down another building on your lot. With an adequate lift and a little bit of shelter, you'll never have to worry about the seasonal spring boat launch again.

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