Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Hot Tub Tech: Wood-Fired Tubs

Few lake country amenities can measure up to a hot tub. But while a hi-tech tub has its benefits, there's an old school alternative that will simplify the TLC required to maintain a four season spa.

What a traditional, wood-fired hot tub loses in high end upgrades like sound systems or lighting, it makes up for by being extremely low maintenance. Often heated by a wood-burning stove, these hot tubs typically don't even have a traditional plumbing system to worry about, let alone a laundry list of chemicals.
Even though wood-fired ovens don't use chemicals like chlorine, they're still extremely easy to keep sanitized. Because the fire quickly heats up the water, hot tubbers simply have to shower quickly before hand, and empty out the warm water after use.

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