Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Electric Accents: The Importance of Lighting

When looking at the Mountain Lodge cabin, it's easy to focus on the big details like the large vaulted ceiling,  massive, rustic beams, and enormous windows that fill the home with natural light, to only name a few. However, with cottages and cabins of all sizes, the overall impression of a home is just as much about the little details as it is about the big ones.

With this cabin in particular, it was important for the lighting design to reflect the overall spirit of the space. For example, with the hallway lighting above, even the delicacy of the fixture is offset by the wrought iron look and Victorian era design.

Much like the hallway lights, the chandeliers in the Mountain Lodge are supposed to be equally rustic. With mock candles, sturdy rope, and shaped glass, even these modern fixtures help to enhance the cabin's stoic aesthetic.

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