Monday, January 23, 2017

Warm And Rustic: Wood Accents

Our Paradise on the Point build is one of our biggest, most ambitious cabins to date. Just because the scale of the cabin is so large however, doesn't mean that the owners shouldn't be able to feel right at home in a warm, comfortable cottage.

We've used this cabin as example of how to use barnwood before, but by using rustic hardwoods for the floor throughout, their rustic aesthetic can travel through the house and tie the whole structure together.

To push this concept even further, the homeowners have opted for warm wood that varies in color not only for the floors, but for the walls and ceilings, too.
That's not to say that we want the Paradise on the Point to look like your run of the mill cabin the woods, however. With large windows and recessed lighting, the house becomes an eclectic mix of warm accents and modern design.

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