Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

2016 was a busy one for Black Fox Construction, and 2017 looks just as exciting with many of our most ambitious projects still underway.

It's easy for our crew to keep dreaming of summer while they work on our last spec cabin on the Black Sturgeon development, the sunny Boulder Beach House. Slated for completion in Spring 2017, this cabin is on the market and will be primed an ready for summer.

We're also hard at work on an equally unique and vibrant cabin for a client, known around the site at the Margaritaville II. Designed to be the perfect cabin for hosting friends and family on sunny weekends, this Storm Bay cabin will be well under way in the new year.
Finally, our most ambitious project yet, Paradise on the Point, is set for completion in the Spring. With its versatile boathouse and loads of high end finishes, it promises to be a cabin that the owners can enjoy for generations.

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