Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Site Planning 101: Finding Your Footprint

Although the view from a lakeside lot might be what sells you on your dream property, maximizing your favorite asset might not be so simple. Before you get swept up in your new vista, it's important to envision exactly where you cabin will (or can) go.

When considering where to place your cabin, distance from the water is what most cottage owners value most (below). Fewer stairs means an easier time getting down to the water, after all.

The trade off however, for those who don't have a lot that allows them to build low, is that cabins built higher up have increasingly majestic views (above).
Even the most challenging property can lend itself to a completely unique, creative cabin. In the below image, the lot had plenty of frontage but was dominated by a steep cliff. 

Instead of trying to avoid this rocky outcrop, we decided to build around it- and the result is a beautiful walk out suite complete with a natural rock wall and theater.
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