Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Cabin Construction: Timber Frames

Among the countless questions every would be homeowner must asks themselves, one of the first and most essential questions is about style and material. This is especially true when building a timber frame or log cabin.

There are a number of questions you need to ask yourself when selecting a type of wood to frame you dream home. Does it stay straight? How much does it shrink? Is it easy to work with yet durable over time? What is its propensity to rot? Is it insect resistant ? How well does it accept stain? Does it have a pleasing aroma? Is there a reasonable and economical supply of the preferred wood available to you?
Traditionally the Lake of the Woods area had lots of Red and White pines available for timber and log construction. Unfortunately they are a much less common occurrence today. Both of these types of materials tend to stay straight and are easy to work with.  The down side is they are soft woods and don't do particularly well when exposed to the elements. You also need to be fairly careful when making stain selections with these materials as they tend to yellow over time.
Spruce is also widely available around the Kenora area. Although it is plentiful and inexpensive, spruce is a poor choice for either log or timber building, as it tends to twist and split easily.

Oak can also be found nearby, and makes for a beautiful home. With that said, oak can also be difficult to work with, is expensive, and tends to crack extensively with out considerable attention to humidity levels.

At Black Fox our preferred wood is Douglas fir and western redcedar. Both woods are true and resist twisting and checking. Best of all, they are both top grade and economical, as there is a plentiful supply in British Columbia.

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