Saturday, November 28, 2015

Timbers And Tech #2

As explored in our last post, the use of digital imaging is essential to modern cabin building. These 3D cross sections allow a virtual walk through of your home before any construction begins.

Many people find the idea of building on a slope to be daunting, or even hard to imagine. With the use of these digital mock-ups from Boreal Design Studio, any concerns about building in the rocky Canadian Shield quickly disappear.
As seen above, not only does the cabin sit easily on the slope, but a natural, spacious pocket is created underneath the cabin, whether it be used as a basement entrance or a storage space for snowmobile equipment.
Building your cabin can be a time consuming, and sometimes nerve-wracking experience. If you invest the effort into previsualizations like these, however, you can move forward on your dream cottage with more clarity and confidence than ever before.

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