Friday, November 13, 2015

Lakeside Landscaping: Rock Faces and Wildflowers

While building your dream cabin, there are a number of creative options that will put the finishing touches on your property. One of the most striking (and cost-effective) landscaping options is a colorful wildflower garden.

On Lake of the Woods, especially just after construction wraps on your cottage, you'll often be left with a property in disrepair. Dirt, stone and sand from the building process (and the natural state of the rugged Canadian Shield) may create a somewhat bleak, unfinished feel to your land.
On this property, the owners chose to spread wildflowers along the sheer, rocky outcrop that their cabin is built on. The result on the property is a beautiful, borderless wildflower garden that stretches down the side of the cliff and pools into a small garden by the front entrance.
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