Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sun Rooms: Bring The Great Outdoors Inside

At Black Fox, we believe that every square foot of your cabin is indispensable. And when summer on the lake is in full swing, there are fewer rooms more popular, or versatile, than a well designed sun room.

When you're vacationing on Lake of the Woods, being indoors it probably the last place you'd like to be. Mixing a cool breeze with plenty of sunshine and protection from the elements, these bonus rooms are great places to kick back when the sun is beating down or you're waiting for the rain to let up.

Although many sun rooms are only open three seasons due to their lack of insulation, this mountain lodge style home opted for a year round retreat to relax with a coffee or hot chocolate on a brisk winter day. You could also use a space like to implement some creative, storage solutions.

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