Saturday, February 29, 2020

Smart Tech For Your Winter Retreat!

Every year, new smart technology is released that can make your cabin safer and in some cases, more affordable. Check out these smart tech offerings that can give you peace of mind for the times that you aren't relaxing in your winter retreat!

A smart thermostat is a must for areas like northwestern Ontario, where the cost of heating your cabin in the winter can reach astronomical heights. Smart thermostats not only heat your home more economically, they learn your behaviours and adjust their temperatures to reflect your daily patterns. In addition, any WiFi enabled cabins can both turn up the temperature on the drive out, or turn down the temperature if it slipped your mind as you headed out the door.
Whether you're a summer inhabitant or around for all four seasons, a smart security camera streams 24 digital video right to your phone or tablet, no matter where in the world you are. While these camera can offer motion sensing, two way audio, and digital videos, many companies offer monthly subscription services to keep days or even weeks of footage on file.

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