Thursday, February 28, 2019

Black Fox Classics: Open Concept Kitchen

We've spoken recently about open concept designs, and nowhere is it more important to embrace this airy, accessible approach than in the heart of the house itself - the kitchen.

Whether you're at home in the city or lounging in your cabin on the lake. odds are the kitchen will be one of the most popular spots for family and friends to congregate. Rain or shine, summer or winter, there's always a reason to be in the kitchen, so why not build one knowing that it's going to be the social hub of your cottage?

The Family Timberframe Cabin just outside Lake of the Woods uses an open concept to make sure that the chef is never too far away from the action- and the breakfast bar ensures that socializers are never too far away from the food.
If you're planning on hosting a lot of friends, family, and neighbors, it's important to have a stocked pantry. Custom cabinets are a great way to turn your necessary cupboard space into kitchen show pieces.

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