Monday, January 28, 2019

Design Diary: Kitchens and Coffee Bars

Even though they seem clean and sometimes even simple when well done, the design decisions that need to be made in every home can be limitless.  Thanks to Lisa Clark Designs, we have a sneak peak at how the kitchen and coffee bar in one of our upcoming cabins on Lake of the Woods came together.


Below, you can see a collection from more broad 3D renderings of the kitchen mixed in with inspiration pieces, to lighting options and even finer details. To the left is a spec sheet that details the high level needs of the space and an area to keep track of the specific elements that will be used.

Even with the coffee bar, the same amount of attention to details big and small is undertaken. From shelves, to lighting, to how both relate to the flooring, every angle has been explored through these pre-visualizations.

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