Sunday, November 25, 2018

Construction Challenge: Maximizing Your View

Giving a client everything they wish for in their dream home doesn't always come easily. On this Black Sturgeon Lake build, the homeowners wanted to their lake view with out creating a grass lawn and the suburban, city-slicking upkeep that comes with it.

In order to give our clients the multiple, sweeping views they wanted, we first built two large, paving stone patios. The first was nestled in near the house to create a space for an outdoor fireplace. The second was placed partway between the cabin and the water, allowing the two busy, social spaces to feel linked.

Additionally, a lakefront deck and vastly expanded the existing dock area meant that full, sunny days down by the water became a much more viable solution for family, friends, and weekend guests.
To avoid an overly curated feel, a wood chip path meanders through the yard to join together the various viewing points. The rest of the yard was sewn with wild flowers and left to return to nature, just like the client requested.

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