Saturday, October 27, 2018

Breaking Ground on the Boat-To Retreat

With many of the last years projects coming to a close, our crew now has a brand new slate of beautiful builds and fantastic renovations ahead of us. Up first is the Boat-To Retreat.

Built to replace an aging cabin on a family lot, the Boat-To Retreat is a dream cottage that's been a long time in the making.

With the challenges and expense of building any cabin that lacks road access, the goal with the Boat-To Beauty was to create a beautiful, high end cabin without resorting to excessive square footage and unnecessary add-ons.

With the the foundation in and the walls going up, the crew is working hard to enclose the space so as to make the winter work more comfortable and efficient. Once the lake has frozen over, getting materials and crew the site becomes more straightforward.

Stay tuned as we continue to turn another Lake of the Woods area dream home into a reality. 

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