Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Four Season Fun On LOTW

Summer may be behind us now, but that doesn't mean that the cold weather has to stop you from making the most of your favorite Lake of the Woods area retreat.

While it might mean a little less time sunbathing on the dock, fall and winter in the Kenora region can be prime time for hiking, fishing, or cozying up in a four seasons cabin. 

At the Viewtiful Cliff Cabin, our clients love to spend the "off season" ice fishing, snowmobiling, and hot tubbing on the deck.

Other clients have prepared for the winter months by building a warm, inviting refuge from the elements. One prime example is the Mountain Lodge, designed to feel like a cozy hunting cabin.
So whether you're hiking the shoreline or sitting back with a cup of hot chocolate, it's never too late to spend a weekend on Lake of the Woods.

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