Saturday, January 16, 2016

Timbers And Tech: Kitchens

Whether it's a cabin on the lake or your house in the city, the kitchen invariably ends up being the heart of every home. With these cutting edge previsualizations, you'll be able to explore your cabin inside and out before construction even begins.
A kitchen is a lot more than a place to prepare meals. No matter the season, rain or shine, it often takes precedent over the great room as your cottage's social hub. Making a snack, keeping the chef company before dinner, or pouring a drink for happy hour are all daily activities that mean your kitchen should be built for comfort as well as practicality.
When building such an important room, it's essential to see it from all angles before any building begins. With these 3D previsualizations from Boreal Design Studio, you not only get to see the layout of your cabin's most important space, but also how the rest of the cabin flows into it.

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