Friday, August 07, 2015

Custom Staircases #2: Mountain Lodge

As we've discussed previously, custom staircases can often be the one of your cabin's biggest and most beautiful features. In this post, we examine a beautiful, sturdy staircase in a Lake of the Woods lodge-style cottage.

When approaching this staircase, the homeowner made it clear that they wanted to build their home in the spirit of an outdoorsy hunting lodge. Working double duty as the centerpiece of the cabin's walkout basement and a place for storage, the staircase also houses a beautiful wooden canoe that adds to the cabin's overall aesthetic.
As an avid motorcyclist, the homeowner chose to maximize the space surrounding his beautiful custom staircase. Instead of the space being wasted, the owner chose to use the area behind the staircase as not only a storage area for his bike, but as a showroom too. It's the perfect mixture of form and function.
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