Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Giving Your Cabin A Personal Touch

Even in the early stages of cabin building, it's important to talk with your builder and architect about the finer details that will truly make the cottage your own.

As we've explored in previous blog posts, lighting features are one of the easiest ways to give your cabin a personal touch. Not every choice has to be a grand chandelier however- every small lighting feature can make a major impact on your room.
As seen above with this framed fireplace, a few items really lends the surrounding space a rustic appeal. The mounted fish might let you know that the owner likes to spend their early mornings in the boat, but the firewood box next to the cabin also makes this room infinitely more cozy and comfortable.
If you want to incorporate any out of the box ideas or themes in your cabin, make sure to keep your designer and contractor in the loop. In the above example, the homeowner wanted to created a mineshaft theatre room, and the result is something incredibly unique.

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