Sunday, November 19, 2017

Winterize Me: Boats, Docks, and Boathouses

Winter is on its way, and even four season cabin owners on Lake of the Woods have a long and important checklist when it comes to preparing your cottage for winter. First, we're taking a look at boats, docks,and boathouses.

One of the most critical steps is taking proper care of of your lakeside amenities. Inexperienced cabin goers might underestimate the power of ice, but once freeze up starts, the  lake can easily bend, break, or outright destroy your dock, watercraft, or even an improperly built boathouse.

First and foremost, all boats should be out of the water. Some boat owners find a storage option off the lake, while savvier owners might install a lift in their boathouse for winter storage. Boats should be cleaned out, and any contents like towels or life jackets should be dried and removed.

Any floating docks pose a similar threat, and the lake can easily contort them beyond repair. By removing the floating portion and tying it safely to a section of shore, you can prevent any of the weaker joints in your dock from snapping once winter comes.

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