Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Raising The Roof: Building A Beautiful Ceiling

What separates a city home from a Lake of the Woods cabin? If you ask a cottage owner or builder, one of the first criteria is often a cabin's overall rustic, rugged aesthetic. Funnily enough, a feature that best encapsulates a cabin's unique, woodsy appeal is ironically one of its most overlooked- the ceiling.
The first priority of anyone looking to build or buy in the Kenora area is to find a spectacular view. A vaulted ceiling not only allows for you to accommodate large, sunny windows, but it also adds space and airiness to even the tightest floor plan.
At Black Fox Construction, we want you to be as proud of of your cabin as we are. Whether you're building a log or timber frame cottage, showcasing your home's beautiful ceiling posts and beams is a great way to create an aesthetic that's equal parts stately and rustic.
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